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Download & Installation Guide

Table of Contents

Latest Release - v1.0.0

You can download the latest release of Hades for your favorite operating system here:


Get the GBA BIOS

In order to play all of your favorite GBA games, you need a dump of the GBA BIOS.

The BIOS cannot be provided with Hades for legal reasons: you’ll have to find a way to get it by yourself.

When you’re ready: open Hades, click on File -> Open BIOS and chose your BIOS file (usually named bios.bin).

Run the game

To play a game you need a dump of that game’s rom.

Just like the BIOS, Hades can’t provide them for legal reasons: you’ll have to find a way to get them by yourself.

When you’re ready, click on File -> Open and pick your game’s rom file (usually ending with .gba). You can also directly pick the archive containing the game’s file without extracting it beforehand.

Pokemon Emerald’s Title Screen

Nightly Builds

If you’re try and test the new features of Hades that are still in development, you can try our nightly builds. Please note that these builds are experimental versions of Hades and may contain bugs so be careful and save often!